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Feb 17, 2013 9:39am EST
and jack lew and rob nabors who went to harry reid and said this is the solution but everyone has their fingerprint on this and it is everyone's -- the policy and it is law, what is important about it is, it is a governing travesty. the idea that you are going to go around and in random ways cut things and would be like a family that has to cut their budget, saying, let's cut the medicine that keeps the children alive. it is stupid. >> chris: kim, hng said that it is stupid, what are the chances that we're actually going to reach march 1st and the sequester, the $85 billion in automatic cuts, will kick in and if it does, and if we begin to see, markets reacting and stuff, how does it play out with the president insisting there have to be tax hikes on the rich, and, the republicans saying, no, it all needs to come out of spending cuts? >> i think it is very likely we hit that day and it comes and the reason why is because, the republicans have been asking the white house to come up with some sort of alternative, which you actually prioritize, look forward, maybe, do something on en
Feb 22, 2013 5:00am EST
, senate president harry --33 reid aaddhouueespeaker john boehner own this.if one guy deserves the most blame. t's - poehner. all sending bills priggnateein the house. he was the first, last and only 3& a part offthhs three-clown wailing ver theeeeil sequester. here are the numbbrs. numbees.the u.s. will receive about 2.7 trillion dollars in revenue. and will spend about 3.8 trilllon. the sequester will cut a mere 85 billion. just over 2% of this year's &pspending. 33 america deservvs betttr.for & details visit behiin the &ppyman.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2